Don’t let your schedule keep you from getting healthy

Don’t let your schedule keep you from getting healthy

One of the biggest challenges people have when trying to create and maintain a regular exercise schedule is having the energy to exercise after a long day of work. From an early wake up, through a frustrating commute, and then after meeting upon meeting, you have to leave work and find the energy within yourself to go to the gym and burn calories so you can achieve your health goals. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your energy levels at the end of the day so you can work toward your health goals, no matter how long your work day is.

Don’t skip meals.

It is a common practice for people trying to lose weight to skip a meal to try and cut calories. The problem is that food is not just caloric intake. The nutrients and vitamins in your food give your body energy to get through the day. When you skip a meal, you deprive your body of its needed energy. Then, when you get to the end of the work day, you have no energy to exercise because your body doesn’t have what it needs.

Instead of skipping meals, try making healthier choices or eating smaller portions. If you are rushed in the morning, have a green smoothie or something easy to carry with you that starts you out with the right nutrition and energy. Instead of working through lunch, keep some healthy, non-refrigerated food options in your desk you can use when you have no time to get something to eat.

Have a healthy snack.

Another valuable tool if you need the energy to exercise after work is to have a healthy mid-afternoon snack. A smoothie, some nuts or vegetables, or some other healthy, nutrient-dense snack can give you the nutrients you need to get from lunch to dinner so that you can get in your exercise without running out of energy by the end of your work day.

However, it is important that you choose a snack that gives you healthy energy. A candy bar may give you a quick boost, but the energy from the processed sugar won’t last. Instead, eat a smaller portion of something you would eat as a healthy meal, fresh vegetables, raw almonds, or some other healthy, delicious treat.

Exercise near your workplace.

When you get to the end of the work day, it can be hard to justify taking two trips: one to your gym and then home after you exercise. In order to save time (and energy), choose a gym near your workplace so you don’t have far to go at the end of the day. Along the same lines, selecting a gym that is along your path toward home will prevent you from having to go out of your way to exercise after work. In addition, if you have to pass your gym on the way home, you may be more likely to stop and exercise instead of coming up with an excuse about why you should go straight home.

Give yourself an extra boost of natural energy.

Sometimes you need a little extra boost of energy to get you through your work day so you can exercise and achieve your health goals. Fortunately, there are products that can help you get that extra energy at just the right time in your day. Using a holistic, healthy energy beverage can give you the added energy to get through your day and exercise before you go home. Madrat Bevco’s two-ounce energy shot is an easy, convenient way to get the energy you need, and powdered formulas can be mixed into your favorite beverages like smart water or smoothies.