Intermittent Fasting Update

Intermittent Fasting Update – Feeling Well

I have easily maintained my Intermittent Fasting schedule and still feel healthy and energized. ( Note that from my first IF/HIIT post I’ve not done much HIIT )This is contrary to what I have known and read in many places.  In fact I am finding it more effective to abstain from food for longer periods.  For example If I eat at 4 PM and stop at 10PM  I am using an 18/6 schedule.    18 Hour Fast and 6 hour feast window.  When I feast I tend to get a little tired for some reason,  so I am using our healthy energy shot or some coffee if available to assist at these times.  The 4 PM stop time is working OK for me as long as I eat at or before 4 PM, because my  MMA classes typically start at 7:00 PM.    I feel at least 2 hours (3  better) after eating is required before a hard workout or sparring. I’ve tried eating 1 hour before and nearly thrown up during intense excercise.

Things I find helpful to maintain energy  and assist during intermittent fasting times include:

  • Energy shot in the morning – partially drinking half or so and then continuing throughout the morning (all natural energy shot ).
  • Apple cider vinegar and lime juice shot in the morning followed by a glass of water. (known to assist or improve blood sugar level)
  • Hydration – Water throughout the day.  (I could do this better).
  • A moderate to intense workout including  walking ,hiking, shadow boxing or heavy bag work.
  • Coffee – Black – no calories added
  • Herbal Teas no calories added

Once ive gotten something to drink and started everything goes well meaning Im not tempted to eat.    At times I have had to remember to stop and eat once I get going or involved in a project.   In the mornings when I am feeding my son and preparing his food I take an apple cider vinegar shot with water and lemon, chased immediately by Madrat.

I find that when I work out harder, utlizing weights it can make abstaining from food a bit harder and I get hungrier, and I sometimes feel easily angered. This does not bode well for those around me :).

To help reduce calories a bit I get a decent amount of satisfaction from eating an apple if after feasting on sprouted grain bread and peanut butter and jelly doesn’t do the trick. I just follow up with more ACV – apple cider vinegar as it is also known to assist with feelings of hunger , probably due to the effects on blood sugar.


Beer. Overall when going out on dates, there is a tendency to eat and drink late.


My overall weight has dropped since starting intermittent fasting averaging 170Lbs. I had at my max weight been 180Lb, now I may have been more muscular, but I would also say I was carrying more visceral fat. I am now hovering in the 158 – 159 zone. This is a better weight for me as I feel more agile and energetic for sure.  I feel that at 45 years old I am still kicking ass.  My sparring partners can attest.  I dont train as much specifically in Jiu Jitsu so the extra weight doesnt benefit me as much as it did on the ground.   I still have room for more discipline and improvement regarding food.  I’m happy with my results and look forward to getting to an ideal weight /strength ratio.  150 Lbs will probably be a good landmark for me.  I may require brushing up on Jiu Jitsu to keep sparring well.