Elixr healthy energy drink has less caffeine

Elixr healthy energy drink has less caffeine

air-rat2Reports indicate that 10 percent of energy drink related emergency room visits may result from high caffeine drinks, as opposed to healthy energy drinks. The report claims some popular drinks include over 500 mg of caffeine.

Five hundred milligrams does in fact sound like quite a bit of caffeine. While checking caffeine informer’s database, it appears that there are indeed some drinks that have high levels of caffeine.   One fact that may be surprising to find is that the highest level of caffeine in beverages listed in the database is from coffee drinks like Death Wish Coffee which lists caffeine at levels at about 660 Milligrams of caffeine.     Another surprising fact is that an average Grande Coffee from Starbucks can have as much as  560MG of caffeine, but on average has 330MG.  These levels of caffeine are shown as dangerous in the caffeine informer scale.

Our healthy energy drink, Elixr, contains approximately 90 mg per serving (less than an average cup of coffee).   This is less caffeine than many other caffeinated beverages but in some cases it is more.   Elixr has many benefits including strong antioxidants to help battle free radicals and ingredients like Glucosamine HCL which is known to assist with  joint health.


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