Healthy Energy Drink Powder is back!

Madrat Healthy Energy drink Powder is back in stock and ready to ship!

Madrat Bevco is happy to announce that we just got Madrat Holistic energy drink powder back in stock.   Healthy-Energy-Drink-Powder  This is a major upgrade and includes the addition of Branch Chain Amino acids / BCAA’s and 1000mg of vitamin C.    The flavor profile is a velvety smooth tropical punch and mixes easily with water and other beverages . We took the time to get the best flavor to benefit ratio possible.     We are now using 2gm of organic cane sugar, combined with stevia and xylitol and even managed to get down to 20 calories, from 22 in the first formula.  We still have 4 grams of fiber to help balance things out and keep it a low glycemic powdered energy drink.    As always we still choose to use premium ingredients like methylcobalamin B12 and natural colors, flavors and sweeteners.   There are 30 servings of natural energy drink powder mix in each canister!  You can be first to own the new formula and redesigned packaging,  get yours now at our online store at a sale price of $29.95!

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