UPDATE: 04/15/2016 Wow.  OK its been awhile now since we started Madrat Bevco and this was one of our first posts.   We now have an updated energy drink packet / formula that will also include BCAAs or brach chain amino acid sand a ton of vitamin C (1000mg).  Packets will be listed here at our healthy energy online  store  and possibly Amazon when available. 30 Serving canisters will definitely be on Amazon.  Thank you for checking out a little piece of our history!

Packet-Box-LowWe’ve got packets of elixr energy powder!   Although this really isnt news,  I noticed that that we had not placed any mention of packets on our site.   I just thought it would be silly to go on any longer without mentioning it.    At the moment they are sold a few locations .  We use them for the most part at events .  If you are interested in them, use the contact page to give us an inquiry.

Packets are great because they are:

  • Easy to pack :   They fit in your pocket, Gym Bag or glove compartment.
  • Easy to Share:  You can share a pack much easier than a full canister.
  • And just like the canisters they have all the other benefits too.

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