High Energy Flying with Madrat Bevco

High Energy Flying with Madrat Bevco

We recently took the Madrat quadcopter out to Katy, Texas to do some test flights and had a blast showing our friends the FPV Goggles and how they work. FPV (First Person View) flight might be similar to a flight simulator, except that one is controlling a real time UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Its fun to see others enjoying what I feel is one of the coolest gadget setups that also has some practical uses.  Video is on the homepage slider.

As an FPV pilot. I have a great time learning how to fly safely (without crashing) and pushing the limits more aggressively to get more exciting shots. Speaking of shots, our energy shots are the best tasting energy supplements available. Come check out some of our locations and get a shot. You might be able to get samples depending on the day.


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