Intermittent Fasting and HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training

Intermittent Fasting and HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training

Intermittent Fasting and HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training

Intermittent Fast Experience and Tips

I have recently discovered two new concepts I am excited to test: IF or Intermittent Fasting and HIIT High intensity Interval Training. Intermittent Fasting is a concept I discovered browsing posts on facebook that led to an article that got me intrigued.    A popular methodology for training diets is to eat multiple times per day,  for example eating 6 small meals per day.   The seemingly polar opposite of this is Intermittent Fasting (I.F.).    With Intermittent Fasting you might eat one or two larger meals in a short window of time.  There are a good amount of possibilities I can utilize in the IF system.

A  few of multiple possible options:

  • Wake up and wait to start eating or taking in any calories until noon and stop eating or all calorie intake at  7PM.  My Fast would be effectively 17 hours with a 7 hour eating / calorie intake window (17/7).
  • I could alternatively push the fast even more with a 19 hour fast with a 5 hour eating window. (19/5)
  • In practice I started with a very easy 12 hour fast and a 12 hour calorie intake window.    I then worked my way toward  the 17 /7 eat window – .

Its pretty easy to do really.   However I had my challenges and still do.   For starters I looked for the loopholes. For example in some publications / sites I saw that as long as you take in less than 50 calories you don’t break fast and still reap the benefits.  So I would consume what I think was under that amount of Kombucha or what not.

I find its easier to just stick it out.   I now drink water immediately in the morning and when I am groggy in the mornings I take one of our zero calorie energy shots.  Herbal teas are also acceptable zero calorie options that I often enjoy. I find that Tazo Passion tea actually tastes sweet with nothing at all added. I can do piping hot coffee, but once its not hot anymore I find it unappealing, where the tea is still drinkable.  One review on Intermittent Fasting I viewed had some good advice.  Leverage caffeine to your benefit.

So essentially, caffeine can act as an appetite suppressant,  hence why not leverage it to make fasting easier. I do this as much as possible. I am trying to mix it up more though. At times I have drank more than 3 Elixr energy shots throughout the day to help me stay focused and energized. I am now going to leverage black coffee a bit more for some straight caffeine and to mix things up. For example today it is about noon and I’m fine (One Energy Shot). I will be waiting till about 2PM to start eating, maybe later as we have a walk/hike planned. This is where I believe the real benefits start happening. Working out during the fasting period forces your body to burn fat. Keeping it low intensity may help to keep from burning muscle in the process, more info here>> . Note that many IF enthusiasts recommend BCAAs for use in avoiding muscle deterioration during exercise / fasting. We are now adding BCAAs to our energy drink powder.

Overall Health Benefits of Fasting.

Another reason I am sticking with the IF routine is overall health benefits found. There are too many to list really but I like:

  • Blood levels of insulin drop significantly, which facilitates fat burning (1).
  • May decrease risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease (2)
  • Reducing Oxidative Stress ( Mercola)

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training.

I’ve read great things about High Intensity Interval Training.   What is HIIT?  After Googling it the Wiki excerpt explains: High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is a form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Learn more here >>.    Effectively that translates into burpees or sprints for my workouts. To be safe however I am going to use HIIT workouts mostly during the feast / eating phase.  So why HIIT.  For me there are many benefits.   This type of workout best simulates an MMA sparring session.   So when I cant be at the gym sparring I can do this higher intensity type of workout and feel more confident about going into a battle type situation.   At my gym I am often presented with fighters getting ready for a cage fight.   Not being able to defend one self because of fatigue can end badly when your sparring parter is hyped up about an upcoming fight.

What I love about HIIT is that the entire HIIT workout session may last between four to thirty minutes, so its a great way to maximize a workout on limited on a time schedule.    I like burpees and find that they are a good way to check where I am at in terms of fitness.    So for example if I can do several sets of 16 to 19 burpees with pushups, and work the heavy bag pretty well with a decent heart rate for 25 to 30 minutes I feel OK about going in to spar.     I should also mention that I am 45 at the time of this writing and it seems like when I have been out for a bit my performance goes down more than it used to.   Hence my pursuit of all possible advantageous activities.

The main benefits that drew my attention toward HIIT are:

  • Higher levels of HGH production (Mercola)
  • Increased fat burn
  • Higher Energy Levels (Mercola)

I will continue to update my experience and progress. To date I have lost a 5 pounds or so and find it easier to maintain weight without being to strict on what I eat.  As a vegetarian / pescetarian, I tend to avoid most meat which keeps me out of most fast food restaurants,   I am at 159 LBs  I’m  feeling agile.   I have to mention that I think my max weight was almost 175lb range a few years ago. While I feel that extra weight did help in grappling / wrestling/ brazilian Jiu Jitsu,  I think being lighter fits my overall health goals.  I plan on going down a few more pounds while keeping my lean muscle mass!   If you have a desire to upgrade your health I think that IF and HIIT could be great assets.   Cheers to your victory!


Dwayne Casey

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