Obesity is becoming a worldwide problem

In one of our last posts we mentioned that sugar sweetened beverages are contributing to obesity in the United States.   In an article from Health Day, it has been announced that obesity rates have increased worldwide  from 857 million to 2.1 billion.   This number represents data over a thirty year time span.    The United States maintains the largest proportion of obesity worldwide., however it seem other major industrialized nations all seem to be affected including: China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany.   

It is our mission to help others in making better beverage choices.  When we set out to create a healthy energy drink, we for the most part wanted to improve upon what was available in the current market place and offer something to our youths that they would gravitate toward.   Elixr was born from this requirement. Having a ZERO point rating on the weight watchers scale is an added benefit and places Elixr as a championship contender in the fight against obesity .  Elixr can be utilized as a weight-loss drink by leveraging the fact that it is zero WW points.    By replacing drinks that may score higher on the scale, one can lose or maintain weight.

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