New Season for Energy

Elxir Bottle

Elxir Bottle

I’m sure everyone is thrilled at the milder temperatures we’ve been experiencing, especially here in Houston! The weather is beautiful and inviting, so I choose to share with you the importance of being outside! The sun is the most powerful #EnergySource and our bodies crave it. Today we can get bogged down in technology and errands and housework, etc… and forget about this most valuable asset. I encourage everyone to take 10 minutes today and enjoy the outdoors. Exposure to the sun for just this brief period of time will #BoostEnergy, relieve depression and anxiety, give you much needed vitamin D and improve you overall sense of #well-being. #EnergyDrinks can be helpful, but the Sun is a powerful asset to your #health. Of course, you are welcome to enjoy an #ElixrLimeade while your soaking in the sun’s rays! Please let me know if you have any health or nutrition questions! I’m happy to support you in any way I can or refer you to someone who can meet your specific needs. #MadLOVE, #MadRESPECT #MadENERGY to everyone!

Feel free to fill our our online form for a #FREEsample of #MadRatElixer, the #HealthyEnergyDrink!

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