Sweeteners Best vs the Worst


We recently received further validation regarding  our selection of sweeteners that we use in Elixr Energy.    Many people are unaware  of all the choices available when we suggest the best sweeteners and those artificial ones which they can avoid.  Overall we make the  determinations on what we utilize based on the highest choice.  We’ve known that aspartame has a bad reputation by the health community,   so we never considered it as a solution for lowering calories.   So why is sucralose a low standards choice for  reducing caloric intake?  In our research we found it is suggested that Sucralose /Splenda  contains chlorine and that it passes through the body into waste water.   Some scientists suggest that may have a negative effect on the environment since it doesnt break down affecting photosynthesis.   While  raw sugar may be a good selection for sweeteners in moderation , we choose to go with the higher choice  when consuming larger quantities and select Stevia, the natural alternative sweetener.   For us it stands out to be the healthiest choice.     One source cites Stevia as their first choice as well Xylitol or sugar alcohol gets a nod.

Our healthy energy drink, ELIXR,  makes us proud.    Its built on a solid foundation using natural sweeteners (Stevia and a bit of xylitol).  We also included strong anti oxidants and natural caffeine sourcing options like green tea.   Feel free to check out all of the ingredients here.



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