IF update 3 – Energy shot – weight loss – strength

So its been a few months since my last IF (intermittent fasting) update using our healthy energy shot,  losing weight and making other improvements.    Things are going well.    Yesterday after working the heavy bag for about an hour, right before my eating window, I weighed in a 151.4 lbs.  This morning I was 152.4.    Checking back I was starting from about 170 -168lbs (weight seems to flux throughout the day).  I feel energized throughout the day and and am feeling more nimble.  Nimbleness is most likely due to the loss of weight, since I require less energy to move it around.  This is also true for pullups.

Aside from the discipline it takes to refrain from food for 18 hours or so its been really easy.   In fact it is little effort as far as food goes, so I could use improvement there.   For example, because its quick and easy to make I often eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made from sprouted grain bread and organic peanut butter and jelly (sometimes 2 of them! -last night I added a couple of beers and enjoyed a movie.) .    Although my PBnJ is made from the highest quality ingredients, it still has a glycemic effect – and calories.   I try to have a couple table spoons of organic apple cider vinegar afterward to improve blood sugar levels.

Before starting to eat I like to get a workout in.  I feel like I can take advantage of not having any calories in my system to burn off fat and potentially toxins.    It also  helps me to take in more water.   I will often finish out  my workout with some weight training .  So for example I might start with a heavier barbell setup to do about 10 to 6 reps for a few sets, followed immediately with light (8lbs) reps to burn out.  Then finish with lighter 25-30 lb dumbells  for 16 to 8 reps followed by light burn out.   Totaling about 6 to 8 sets (not counting the burnouts).    After this I start feeding with a protein smoothie and  PBnJ or tuna sandwich. (Im mostly vegetarian but do eat fish).   As I mentioned in another post, having some fruit nearby, like an apple, grapes, cherries,  can assist in reducing intake.  I am pretty hungry by this time from the workout and not eating all day.   My IF schedule is typically about 14 to 20 hours of no eating.   When I get busy,  I can go longer without food.    I have almost forgotten to eat a couple of times.    But since I am doing my best to maintain muscle I like to have a decent amount of protein / nutrition.

I like the IF way of life.  I think about food less.  Meaning I spend little time in the cooking / eating process.    I feel this gives me more opportunities to get things done.  My son requires attention and we have 2 businesses.  So I can use extra time.