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Where Can I find Energy Drink Powder?

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Madrat Elixr is a natural energy drink powder that is made with premium ingredients including a vitamin B-12 source called methylcobalamin.  Many energy drinks use a  source called cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is considered safe, however, a negligible amount of cyanide is reported to be “liberated” in the process of conversion to B-12 by the living organism (body).   Since we strive for the best in supplement quality for ourselves and our families we have opted to use the better source, methylcobalamin.  Madrat energy drink powder also uses naturally derived caffeine sourcing like coffee beans, green tea, and guarana seed.  So if you are looking for premium, great tasting, energy drink powder try Madrat  today.

Who makes a weight-loss energy drink powder?

You can use Elixr energy drink powder as a weight-loss tool. When running Elixr ingredients through the Weight Watchers calculator we discovered that it qualifies as zero points on the weight watchers scale. This means that on a point scale you can drink Elixr without wasting points. Or enjoy more food than beverages. We recommend drinking earlier, in the day however, similar to coffee. In essence ELixr can be utilized as a replacement drink in place of calorie laden beverages like sodas and other high sugar/calorie juices. Since we use Stevia and Xylitol as sweeteners our beverage is also low glycemic (Low GI). Since Elixr is a Energy drink powder you can also adjust it to taste. We have created a few serving suggestions that you can utilize here »

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