Our Flagship product, Elixr, is the pinnacle of energy drinks.

Why? Elixr was formulated to address our needs and desires as consumers. While striving for a life filled with wellness, we found that we would like an energy drink that could provide a number of benefits including: Amazing taste! We’ve heard it many times, Elixr tastes great.
Boost without a crash, sweetened with natural stevia leaf, Elixr is low glycemic, also making it diabetic friendly. Anti oxidants and other well known herbs that are known to assist in wellness such as Glucosamine HCL, resveratrol, chromium, MSM, and more. We have also added 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving (JAMA recommends 25 to 35 grams per day). Elixr is a product that was designed with a focus on health and wellness.

madrat energy drink

Madrat Energy Drink

We have solidified our Energy drink formula and its is aptly named Elixr. Our first batch is available get yours now.
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Madrat E-Juice

We are working on a selection of E-cigarette Juice options code named “Mist”. These will complement the alternative to smoking / combustion using vaporization.
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Madrat E-Cigarettes selections are coming soon.
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We’re crazy about letting others know there are better options out there, or better yet, right here!

Why choose us?

  • We audition the products
  • Drinks are made in USA (Texas)
  • All drink use low calorie >> NATURAL sweeteners

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