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Madrat energy powder and shots address our requirement for health positive beverages. Active lifestyles can be demanding. Our beverages support your requirement for the best. We use premium vitamins and minerals with a result that tastes great! Shop Madrat Our shot supplement is sugar-free. Sweetened with natural stevia leaf, madrat shots and powder are low glycemic, and diabetic friendly. Treat yourself to the unique mineral profile including glucosamine, MSM, astaxanthin and resveratrol (note its its positive reviews.) Our energy drink powder now has BCAA's and 1000mg of vitamin C. With 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving (JAMA recommends 25 to 35 grams per day). Madrat Energy supplement are designed with a focus on elevated health.

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Natural Energy Drink

Madrat combines Stevia leaf and Xylitol to deliver outstanding natural flavor. Both are often on the top of healthy sweetener lists , and other health conscious literature. Read more

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Energy Drink Powder

Our new energy drink powder is here! Now includes BCAAs and 1000mg Vitamin C! Click below now to learn more about our powdered energy drink. Read more

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Healthy Energy Shot

Our healthy energy shot is available to buy now on and our online store. Learn more about our 2 ounce shot now here >> Read more

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Why choose Elixr?

  • Produced with Love
  • Drinks are made in USA (Texas)
  • We use low calorie >> NATURAL sweeteners

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