madrat bevco creates health positive beverages

The Madrat natural energy shot, is a holistic approach to the energy drink concept, supporting MadRat Bevco’s goal – create healthy beverages while addressing so many of the health deficiencies in Americans today.


About Madrat Natural Energy
Our Energy Shot supports MadRat Bevco’s goal – create healthy beverages while addressing so many of the health deficiencies in Americans today.


Our Mission

MadRat Bevco is driven by an inherent Madness to challenge The Status quo, love without creasing, inspire others, find better answers, and positively contribute.


Our Philosophy
We are the catalyst in the Mad Love movement, assisting the world in living healthier, inspired and active lives.

Great taste!  a holistic energy drink  sweetened with natural  stevia leaf. 

Natural energy shots provides a boost without a crash.  Herbs that support immune function, with a lean / clean energy boost that you can feel good about..

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Our Story

The Genesis for creating a natural energy drink began with the birth of Zayne.

A short 5 1/2 months after having a healthy home birth, Dwayne & Kristal Casey’s son, Zayne, was hospitalized & diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. The seizures were very serious & ceased all development until they finally subsided five months later.

During this time they discovered that Zayne would face some challenges and although he continued to suffer from “drop seizures” it became evident that his very healthy diet mixed with other holistic treatments were making a tremendous positive impact. Though the circumstances were challenging, these experiences enabled the Casey’s to view the true healing power of a holistic lifestyle first-hand. It was all they needed to be completely convinced of the difference that could be made by spreading this message throughout the world.

They began to realize there are many others with potentially preventable diseases/conditions.  All illnesses that could be remedied through healthy lifestyle choices.  In 2013, The Casey’s seized the opportunity to create a holistic/alternative energy drink.  MadRat, wild-spirited & indigenous to Texas, came bursting through the darkness spreading light, love & joy just as his creator had originally intended.  Dwayne (native Houston artist) created this funny, wide-eyed cartoon character in 1984, coincidentally the Year of the Rat. The cartoon’s creation originally served as an artistic outlet & escape from life’s struggles.

This fun-loving character inspired the creation of MadRat Bevco, born out of Kristal’s passion for health & desire to heal those in need.  He gave the couple the ability to take both of their passions & meld them into one amazing company! It seemed natural for the paths of the joy spreading MadRat & Kristal’s healing to not only cross but combine into one. With this beautiful melding of health & happiness, MadRat Bevco was born.

The core of MadRat Bevco’s business model – to promote, support, educate & give back. The ultimate vision of MadRat Bevco – a happy & healthy human race.


Dottie Patrick

Elixr became my ‘staple’ in the Texas heat! I mix it with coconut water to stay hydrated and energized while playing golf.

Athlete & Golf enthusiast

Brian Johnson

I finally got to try the Elixr today! It was awesome…I made a drink in the morning and was focused all day long! Just like the label says, “Steady lift, no crash.” One of my co-workers tried it and wants to buy a canister for herself!

Charlie Rudd

I was addicted to sodas, but haven’t had one in 9 months since drinking Elixr!
, Golf Pro


About Madrat Bevco February 7, 2013